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League of Legends: il campione più buggato del gioco? Mordekaiser 150 bugs

Spesso succede che qualcosa non funzioni correttamente, talvolta abbiamo l’impressione che qualche abilità o qualche iterazione non sia partita nel modo giusto mentre giochiamo a League of Legends. Se nella maggior parte dei casi possiamo dire che molto probabilmente siamo noi ad avere sbagliato qualcosa, d’altro canto esistono dei reali bug effettivi in alcuni campioni.
Alcuni bug vanno e vengono ed altri si protraggono per molte patch perchè considerati “minori”. Ebbene l’utente reddit Naerlyn ha deciso di compilare una dettagliatissima scheda di tutti i bug trovati negli ultimi mesi sul sul main champions ossia Mordekaiser. 
Come avrete giù potuto leggere dal titolo dell’articolo sono più di 150, la cifra è davvero incredibile se si parla di un champion che ha avuto molti rework anche in tempi abbastanza recenti.
Siete curiosi di leggerne alcuni? Ecco tutta la lista:

  • Q – Mace of Spades

1) The first Q-enhanced auto-attack used right after the second cast of W can be a bit too slow to come.

2) A Q-enhanced auto-attack used right after the second cast of W can do the damage of a standard basic attack (but will still consume the buff of the Mace of Spades). Video

3) When a minion has less current health than the magic damage dealt by this ability, the physical damage won’t be applied. This also means no life steal, no on-hit effects, no Titanic Hydra,

4) Liqu… I mean, if you activate the Titanic Hydra active while your Mace of Spades is enabled, it won’t reset your auto-attack timer.

5) If Mordekaiser uses his Q while he has a Statikk Shiv charged, the Shiv’s damage will be dealt before the damage of the attack. This doesn’t apply when the attack with Q is the one that brings the Shiv to 100 stacks. Video proof (It also happens with some other champions having a modified auto-attack, like Garen or Ekko, so there is some (demacian) justice after all, but not to all of them. For example, Illaoi doesn’t have that on her Harsh Lesson). It also applies to Rapidfire Cannon and to Kircheis Shard.

6) If Mordekaiser has a RFC fully charged, activates his Q and right-clicks an enemy minion, he will just use the RFC (without casting the attack afterwards) and will cancel his attack order (The difference between this bug and the previous one being in that attack being cancelled against the player’s will). This bug doesn’t have a 100% reproduction rate.

7) If an enemy flashes one of your Qs, the animation will complete (Animation, sound effect) but the ability won’t do anything. It’s a bug, as the animation will continue after the flash.

8) Similarly, if Mordekaiser attacks someone with his Q, if the said someone dies even at the very beginning of the animation, at its first tenth, the animation as well as the sound effects will complete, even though nine tenth of it didn’t have a target.

9) Mordekaiser’s Q lost its 1! / 2!! / 3!!! thing.

10) Pix doesn’t attack alongside Mordekaiser’s Q-empowered autos when Lulu uses Help, Pix on him.

11) Mordekaiser’s Q is counted as a multi-hit spell for the purposes of the spellvamp/omnivamp or Rylai’s, but as an AoE spell for the Deathfire touch (20% slow for Rylai’s / 2 second DoT for DFT). Technically, the first part doesn’t matter anymore, since spellvamp/omnivamp has a 33% effectiveness in either case, and Rylai’s puts a 20% slow in all cases now. However, it should be counted as a multi-hit spell for all purposes, since it has nothing of an AoE spell.

12) If used on a very low life minion, it can deal absurd damage. For example, I once had a minion with 5 health taking 4543 damage from the 4th hit. Or 1200 when I should have dealt 400. This bug seems very rare and it doesn’t look like it impacts the shield generation.

  • W – Harvesters of Sorrow

Note: The bugs 12-13-14 happen only when the spell is cast on an allied minion. That spell has a huge amount of ways in which it can malfunction. You could basically create video called “We are Numero Uno but every Uno is replaced by a different W bug and the net is a decoy net”, and you’d have enough material for it.

13) Most common, major and extremely, extremely annoying bug: The Harvest will sometimes only damage two enemies. I’d estimate its reproduction rate to be around 70%.

14) The Harvest (second activation) damage and heal will sometimes fail to apply. Video

15) The Harvest damage will sometimes fail to apply, with the heal remaining.

16) The Harvest will sometimes deal damage without healing. Video

17) The heal can arrive one second after the ability is used. Video

18) The Harvesters of Sorrow will not grant an assist unless they actually damage the enemy. This means: If your bound ally turned back towards you and got 75 bonus movements speed, you won’t get an assist. If you activated the second effect of the W when he had minions around, thus healing him, you won’t get an assist.

19) If you self-cast a W when there’s no ally around, and an ally champion enters the range afterwards, he will be bound by the spell. This does not work for minions that enter the range after the cast.

20) This spell has no passive in aram. It used to have one, and nothing in any patch notes mentions any kind of change.
Additionally, if you argue that he shouldn’t have this passive for balance reasons, don’t forget that this is a nerfed version of the passive (Mordekaiser only gets 50% of the experience that the group penalty makes him miss), that it only works on the minions that Mordekaiser manages to last-hit by himself (which both teams will try to deny him, his allies because they want some $$$ and his enemies because he’s melee), and that Mordekaiser overall has been toned down as a counterpart for his Dragon Force ability, the passive of his ultimate allowing him to have that huge advantage of having a dragon ghost. Well, in ARAM, he’s been toned down as a counterpart for nothing, since the closest dragon is as far from the Howling Abyss as the Western teams from the Summoner’s Cup (I had hope too).

21) Mordekaiser’s first basic attack after the explosion of his W can fail to deal damage.

22) Casting E and W (explosion) at the same time can cause the E to deal no damage. Before / After / Zooming on the health. Credits to Inori for making me discover it for the first time while I was inspecting his LCS game on Mordekaiser!

23) Somewhat funny: If Mordekaiser casts W and Smite in a quick succession, the Smight might fail to deal damage. Video. At least, you have an excuse for being stolen the Nashor when you don’t smite in time. Pretend that this bug happened, and hope that they won’t notice that your smite is off cooldown during the next fifteen seconds.

24) This spell causes FPS issues to some people.

25) The sound effects of the second cast of Mordekaiser’s W can be heard through fog of war, if the enemy Mordekaiser is in the fog that’s in your screen. Yes, I get that a juggernauty metal suit shouting things while making metal crash on the ground is noisy and that it could be realistic, but go tell that to Super Galaxy Rumble first, and then we can talk, okay?

26) Mordekaiser can’t W a Wukong clone, while it’s considered a champion for the purposes of targeting. Video

27) However, Mordekaiser can use his W on… Jayce’s Acceleration Gate. He can actually use his W on all the things Gnar can bounce off (Thanks /u/Vandirilol!). However, if he uses the W on the Acceleration Gate, it will be invisible yet still deal damage. Video

28) Mordekaiser can stop trying to attack targets when his W pops at the end of the 4s of the effect (despite having auto-attack enabled). It might also have something to do with the Q, it happened to me before the third strike of the Mace of Spades.

29) Funny: Casting Mordekaiser’s W on a Blood Lord Vladimir, then reactivating the spell near minions will cause Blood Lord Vladimir to glitch as if he were wearing a (little oversized) black coat. Thanks /u/DaddyTaric for the report 🙂 Video

  • E – Siphon of Destruction

30) Mordekaiser doesn’t shout upon casting the spell.

31) Mordekaiser’s E can be delayed by a full second without a reason. I only got that once and it was quite weird, but I know that my ping didn’t change the slightest. What happened was: I cast my E, while having my W on, keep walking up to the target I was aiming for, hit him once, and finally my E goes off. I only pressed E once and my other keys were pressed after it. The delay was about one second, if not more.

32) Mordekaiser’s E can fail to generate any shield. Example

  • R – Children of the Grave

33) This spell has a passive in ARAM. Curse the Dragon… But the Dragon doesn’t exist, in ARAM.

I count this as a bug because it’s just something that feels very wrong. Something left where it shouldn’t be. In the Howling Abyss, the Twisted Treeline, the Crystal Scar, there is no such thing as a dragon. Having an effect referring to it isn’t logical.

34) When Mordekaiser has a ghost, his ultimate icon often remains normal instead of being highlighted as it should. Screenshot

35) If you use your ult on somebody and then die, the Rylai will momentarily stop applying, usually during the next 2-6 seconds, and then start working again. Video

36) Now (? – has perhaps always been the case and I would have been wrong before), Zac’s passive doesn’t cleanse him off of the Children of the Grave. However, Zac takes no damage from it while in passive form, despite being intended to lose a part of his health every second.

  • Child of the Grave

37) That is a new bug (Mid-december 2016) – If you try to R-click to control the ghost, it will move… both you and the ghost. Video
How it works:
– Using alt (unbugged version): Your commands will be affected to the ghost so long as the key is pressed. As soon as the key is released, you’re back to controlling yourself.
– Using R (bugged version): Holding R doesn’t make you control the ghost anymore. Your R key gets ignored after the first instants. That means that the first command you press goes both on your ghost and on you, and then you have to press R again to input one command to the ghost, otherwise they’ll be for you instead.

38) The dragon ghost will sometimes cancel his orders. Without a reason, even if the enemy doesn’t leave sight range. Example: You command the dragon ghost to attack a turret. One second later, he starts coming back to you – while you didn’t press alt/r, and didn’t misclick either. Makes it quite hard to use (especially since his attacks cannot be cancelled and he has a 0.5 AS). The dragon can literally spend 10 seconds in a row without trying to listen to any of your orders while you’re actively trying to command it. And even if How To Train Your Dragon 2 has told us that baby dragons never listen to anyone, and even if the dragons that are on Summoner’s Rift have only been there for 5 to 30 minutes (if it’s 30, please, consider readjusting your objective priorities), but my contract reads that I should be able to control them either way!
This bug also affects the champion ghosts, but doesn’t feel as bad for them.

39) Ghosts cannot target wards or special units such as Illaoi’s tentacles.
This is not a Mordekaiser-specific bug (thanks /u/andyoulostme for having made me check about this after my previous buglist), but Mordekaiser is greatly impacted by it, hence its presence in the buglist. Now I do consider it as a bug, because it is very unhealthy when you’re engaged in a fight around Shaco’s boxes or the likes of these, because alt-clicking them will cause the ghost to… stop attacking at all and behave weirdly for a couple of moments.

40) Ghosts have an inaccurate targeting. This means that if you alt-click less than 100 units away from an enemy, the ghost will acquire the enemy as its target instead of moving where you clicked. Video

41) This bug is very weird. If you have a ghost, champion or dragon, and tell it to attack an enemy inhibitor by using alt-click, it works fine. If, however, you use R-click instead, the ghost will either refuse to move, or go in melee range before attacking the inhibitor, or even go in melee range without doing anything. If you R-click the inhibitor while being in melee range, it works fine. The same bug happens on the Nexus, but everything is fine against turrets. (crosses fingers)

42) See that indicator on the Scuttle Crab? It’s from Mordekaiser’s champion page and should be a ghost-targeting icon. I had to take the screenshot from there, because I never saw this indicator ingame.

43) A ghost can have little blue particles for an instant around him, upon dying from time. Might be related to the ghost having a Tear of the Goddess.

44) I don’t know if that should be considered as a bug, but there is no alt-s or r-s command for the ghost, rendering it impossible to make it stop attacking. And bug or not, this is a very big inconvenience.

45) Spectate client: The ghosts are displayed as having a mana bar, but have no resource bar when you click on them. Example

Outdated bug 1: Funny: If a ghost is surrounded by two allies, one having an Aegis of the Legion and the other having a Locket of the Iron Solari, instead of having +15 MR (Solari’s aura), the ghost will alternate between both auras and receive eiteher 10, or 15 MR. The change of aura received occurs twice per second. Video. This bug is now outdated since there is no more magic resist aura.

  • Child of the Grave: Dragon ghost

46) The dragon ghost only has half the drake’s health. It used to be different and nothing in any patch notes mentions a change.

47) An Elder Drake ghost with over 10000 hp isn’t gonna give as much health as it should. I have no video because I prefered to disable everything on my computer while playing a ranked that lasted up to 66 mn, but while having 2800 hp normally, I didn’t even reach 4k with the ghost up.

48) The dragon ghost gives Mordekaiser a weird amount of health. Video / Maths going with it

49) The dragon ghost loses 100 movement speed when ahead of Mordekaiser. Video

50) The ghost of the drake doesn’t gain Mordekaiser’s bonus AD. There, the ghost has 142 AD at 35 mn, while Mordekaiser has at least 65 bonus damage from the Mercurial Scimitar (I don’t remember whether I had any infernal drake or if I had AD in the masteries). Anyhow, a drake wouldn’t only have 77 AD 35 mn into the game.

51) The ghost of the drake, like the other ghosts, can’t attack wards. However, it can decide to attack a ward by itself if you attack it too. Video

52) The ghost of the drake doesn’t have his buff bar anymore (showing that he has armor pen and buffs against teams with Dragonslayer stacks).

53) There’s an issue with the drake generating less shield than it should. Screenshots and maths

54) Okay, related to #85: the drake ghost has a way to cancel his attacks. Video

55) The drake doesn’t do the damage it should do. More, less, I don’t know, but I’ve tried many another way to calculate, and anyway, something’s off. I even tried counting the Nashor’s Tooth passive being added to the Drake’s attacks.

56) The dragon ghost (Elder drake only perhaps?) has additional resistances.

57) Mordekaiser’s opponents can see the drake glitching. Staying still when it moves, apparently. It happened numerous times, but I couldn’t get a video because I am rarely on the far side of the mace. “Fun” fact: I forgot to move this bug in the right category and only realized it after putting all the numbers up to the hundredth bug. Welp, time to change all the numbers now.

  • Child of the Grave: Champion ghost – General bugs

58) Ghosts lose their runes and masteries, keystones included. Video

59) Ghosts can crit, but the crit damage will be displayed as standard damage.

There’s a plethora of bugs about the on-hit effects. Most of these bugs are recent and didn’t exist before the summer (That’s not so recent anymore, but the point stands: these bugs have been added by something months after Mordekaiser’s reworks). And no, it’s not even one general bug being “Ghosts don’t apply on-hit effects anymore”. Jarvan’s and Miss Fortune’s ghosts proc their respective passives. The passive of the Recurve Bow works. And there are other examples. But now let’s dive into it, like a Vayne into a five enemies:

60) Ghosts can’t use lifesteal anymore, even off of physical components of their damage. However, Death’s Dance functions properly on a ghost.

61) Ghosts can apply on-hit effects to turrets (or at least some of them, for example the damage from Recurve Bow).

62) The attacks from ghosts can’t deal the bonus true damage on the Rift Herald if they attack him on his eye, even if it’s champion-ghosts. Video

I’ll come back to these on-hit issues in the next part. Now have some more:

63) Upon dashing to an enslaved champion, Lee Sin won’t receive a shield, or give one.

Another bug that’s not Mordekaiser-specific. Lee Sin’s W doesn’t see champion clones as champions. But they are considered as champions for the purposes of most abilities, so that does not make any real sense – especially since, for example, Shaco’s, Wukong’s and Leblanc’s clones have been updated to be more deceiving. Well they’re not really deceiving when a spell clearly indicates that “this, there, is not a champion”.

64) The ghosts don’t have Dragon buffs. Note: Shaco’s clone does.

65) I’ll put this one as a funny one because I’m proud of the clip:** Spectate client: If you go back in the replay while having a ghost on, the ghost will appear as a regular champion. Video

66) Ghosts can’t taunt characters when the normal champion would (Example: A Yasuo ghost won’t say anything in front of an enemy Riven using her Q, even when it’s the first time she uses her Q during the game. Yes, I tested that interaction in a custom game).

67) Capturing Skarner’s shrines should give 15g if one person was standing on it, and two times 15g if two people were standing on it. Capturing one with both Mordekaiser and a ghost only gives 15g, instead of 30.

68) If Mordekaiser has an Essence Reaver (don’t ask me why he would), every single attack of the ghost will give him 3% of his missing mana back. Okay, that bug is as useful as Caitlyn during her mid game powerhole (and I think most people here know Cyanide’s wise words about it), but anyway, Mordekaiser is gonna have that little shiny particle for every attack of the Child of the Grave.

69) If an ally has targon’s and shares the gold with your ghost, you don’t get any money. Video

70) Ghosts can appear as not having items. Example. Unless it’s just that Nocturne decided to become spookier.

71) How can ghosts have 1% crit chance when they don’t even have runes/masteries? Example.

72) Ghost have very weird base armor and magic resist stats. Like this:
Ghost’s armor / Normal armor
Ghost’s magic resist (A level 5 melee champion has 36 magic resistance… certainly not 5).

73) The armor number should be yellow if it’s increased by something. Not gray.

74) Spectate client: The ghosts are displayed as having a mana bar, but have no resource bar when you click on them. Example

75) Ghosts will automatically target and attack enemies even from a bush the opponents don’t have vision of.

76) Ghosts’ attacks can… lag? Video

77) Attempting to get a champion ghost to attack a unit near a turret will cause it to attack the turret instead. It doesn’t really affect the drake ghosts because they’re way too buggy for that to be noticeable anyway.

78) Looks like champion ghosts also give less shield than they should. But it might be in different proportions than the drake.

79) The attacks of ghosts against inhibitors or Nexuses will deal physical damage to these structures, instead of magic.

  • Child of the Grave: Champion ghost – Item-specific bugs

You know what that means? More on-hit bugs! … Hype? No? Anyway.

80) If a ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, they won’t gain stacks off of attacking. Video for the bugs 79, 80, 81. I don’t know if you realize how hard it is for me not to try to rick roll you with at least one of these links.

81) If a ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, they won’t proc the Energized buff upon attacking. This is why a ghost with RFC will have a constantly increased range.

82) Funny because it doesn’t make any sense: If a Caitlyn ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, she will only be able to proc it by using her Headshot-empowered attack. Her Headshot-empowered auto won’t make her gains Energized stacks for an unstacked Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, though.

83) Ghosts can’t stack or use Guinsoo’s Rageblade. However, Black Cleaver works fine (In spite of the ghost dealing magic damage).

84) Ghosts don’t apply botrk’s bonus damage. Or don’t always. Special Caitlyn case: Once Caitlyn’s ghost gets her first Headshot off, she then starts applying botrk’s damage, as physical damage, on every auto-attack. Video. (Are you careful while clicking the youtube links now? 😉 )

85) The Executionner’s Calling of a ghost doesn’t do anything… whereas Black Cleaver works.

86) Ghosts can’t use their Runaan’s Hurricane.

87) The damage dealt by a ghosts’ Tiamat doesn’t generate any shield for Mordekaiser.

88) If a ghost has an Essence Reaver, both his and your crits will make you “regen mana” (as in, have the particles showing that you gained mana).

89) If Mordekaiser has a Death’s Dance and the ghost has any way to deal physical damage (Jarvan’s passive, Recurve Bow, for example), this physical damage won’t heal Mordekaiser.

90) Ghosts can’t even use a Relic Shield anymore. They have or don’t have (I’ve seen both the same day) the icon of the Relic Shield, but no little blue orb floating around them, and they don’t share gold. This used to work fine until a few weeks ago. Screenshot

91) When a ghost has an Ancient Coin / Nomad’s Medallion / Shurelya’s Reverie (!) / Eye of the Oasis and a nearby minion is slain, regardless of the killer (be it Mordekaiser, the ghost, or neither of them), the ghost will gain 5/10 health, but will not provide any additional gold.

92) A ghost’s Spellthief’s Edge doesn’t do anything. No gold, no additional damage. Video. Conclusion of these last three bugs: You probably shouldn’t use your ult on supports, now.

93) If champion had a Cull, regardless of its stacks, their ghost will gain 1 gold per minion slain. Yep. The ghost. And the ghost won’t give that money to Mordekaiser. Video. (Don’t worry… I promise I can keep resisting the temptation to rick roll…)

94) The fact that a ghost can gain 1 gold from the Cull if Mordekaiser last-hit a minion and shared the gold with them is a bug. Or something else is a bug. Either way, something’s wrong there. Because normally, a minion shares counts as a creep in the creep score, and nothing else (it doesn’t give any on-kill effect, like the passive of Mordekaiser’s W or or Sion’s W).

95) Ghosts’ attacks apply the Rylai’s effect, but not the Liandry’s to their targets. Video. (For how long though?)

96) If Mordekaiser has an Elixir of Sorcery, the ghost’s attacks won’t deal its true damage despite applying Rylai’s slow.

97) A ghost’s sunfire will not deal damage. Video. I assume it’d be the same with Cinderhulk, Bami’s Cinder and Lord Van Damm’s Pillager. It used to deal damage.

98) The passive of the Chalice of Harmony / Athene’s Unholy Grail doesn’t give any bonus health regeneration to the ghost, even when the mana bar is greater than the health bar.

99) If a ghost has a Raptor Cloak (or Talisman of Ascension / Ohmwrecker / ZZ’Rot Portal), they will constantly get the movement speed bonus, not only near turrets.

100) If a ghost has a Banshee’s Veil, the veil will only activate one or two seconds after the ghost is spawned, regardless of the cooldown on the veil for the original champion.

101) Ghosts lose the Tear stacks.

102) Ghosts lose their Jaurim’s Fist stacks.

Outdated bug 2: When a ghost kills a unit, they don’t gain the passive of a Serrated Dirk if they had one.

Outdated bug 3: If a ghost has an Aegis of the Legion, he doesn’t give any magic resist to his allies (he does give it to himself though).

  • Child of the Grave: Champion ghost – Champion-specific bugs

I don’t have as many videos as I’d have wanted for that last part, because my recording software doesn’t save games that aren’t finished anymore. And since I found the last 50 bugs within two days (chronologically, not in this order), all of those are affected by that. Sometimes, at least, screenshots would be enough.

103) Four bugs about Aatrox’s ghost, which means as many as the number of Aatrox “mains” in Korean high elo. And by “mains”, read traitors, since they gave up on him, unlike the European Aatrox god 214 also known as sweeeeetdreams. An Aatrox ghost can switch his W. Don’t ask me how. Video

104) An Aatrox ghost has the buff icon for his passive, reading that he’ll be brought back to life upon dying. Well it’s a lie. Video

105) Somewhat funny because it makes no sense: If a ghost has a black cleaver, their attacks will give Cleave stacks to the enemy champions. If Mordekaiser has a black cleaver, only his attacks will add a Cleave stack to the enemy champions, his ghost’s won’t (unless both have one). So far, everything’s alright… or is it? If Aatrox and Mordekaiser both have a black cleaver and if Aatrox’s ghost attacks an enemy champions, his attacks will put one Cleave stack on him. Except the attack empowered with Blood Prince (his W). With further tests, it appeared that if a standard Aatrox attacked an enemy, his W-empowered attack would only put one stack on him, not two. What does that mean? The ghost’s empowered attack, despite dealing purely magical damage, put one Cleave stack for his cleaver, and one for Mordekaiser’s cleaver. Don’t ask, I stopped trying to find any kind of logic long ago. Video

106) And this bug right above actually contains another one. Aatrox’s W gives additional physical damage. The blood price of a ghost of Aatrox will instead give him additional magic damage. Note: Jarvan’s Martial Cadence and the Recurve Bow both add physical damage as they should.

107) A Bard ghost can’t use his meeps. Video

108) A Bard ghost doesn’t spawn chimes, either. Video. Yes, Krepo, consider Bard as a Mordekaiser counter if you want.

109) If a Braum ghost has 3 stacks on an enemy and kills the enemy with the 4th attack, if the damage of the passive is enough to kill the unit alone, the base damage of his attack won’t be applied (nor will the on-hit effects).

110) A Cho’gath ghost doesn’t have a passive.

111) A Cho’gath ghost doesn’t have his E either.

112) Draven’s ghost doesn’t have a passive.

113) Ekko’s ghost has the sound of some of his attacks played a bit before the attack applies (damage, passive proc). It did it for the first 3 attacks, then every third one.

114) Elise’s ghost is always in human form. Additionally, if Elise dies and gives a ghost to Mordekaiser, she will also respawn in human form.

115) Literally most gamebreaking of all these bugs:** The Scarecrow passive of a Fiddlesticks ghost doesn’t always work. Video

116) Fiora’s ghost doesn’t generate vitals around her enemies (anymore?). Video

117) When the ghost of a Gnar has his rage bar filled, Mordekaiser’s screen turns dark red.

118) The attacks of a Graves ghost will do both physical and magic damage, to champions and turrets. And the ghost doesn’t have a cigar.

119) The ghost of a Heimerdinger doesn’t have a passive.

120) The passive of Irelia’s ghost gives her 10% tenacity even with no enemy around.

121) Jax’s ghost doesn’t have his passive (the passive of his ultimate works fine though).

122) Jayce’s ghost will always use his hammer no matter which weapon he was using upon dying.

123) A Jayce ghost doesn’t have his ult-empowered attack despite automatically changing his weapon to the hammer.

124) A Jayce ghost doesn’t use his passive either.

125) A Jhin ghost doesn’t lose bullets upon attacking (always staying on the same bullet even if it’s the 4th), but a Graves ghost does, and needs to reload every 2 attacks.

126) When a Jhin ghost is locked on his 4th shot, he doesn’t get sped up upon attacking.

127) A Jhin ghost doesn’t have the passive from the Deadly Flourish.

128) A Jinx ghost always uses the minigun.

129) Kalista’s ghost can’t dash, regardless of how I try to do the command. All the other parts of the passive work fine.

130) When a Kassadin’s ghost kills an enemy without needing the bonus damage from his W, he doesn’t deal that bonus damage (thus generates less shield for Mordekaiser). The normal Kassadin always deals this damage.

131) Kha’Zix’s ghost doesn’t keep the evolutions, thus losing the ability to become stealthed in bushes.

132) A Kindred ghost kises the stacks of the champion. However, they can mark camps… and killing them doesn’t give a stack.

133) A Kled ghost doesn’t apply his W. Vayne’s does. Video

134) A Kled ghost can’t gain Courage either. Video

135) Kog’Maw’s ghost has more attack speed than the normal Kog… even when the latter has one more point in Q. This is perhaps due to the ghost counting too many points in Q.

136) Lulu’s ghost comes without Pix. Don’t tell me it’s because you only take one soul, Sejuani is still on her pig, and Nunu comes with Willump. And by the way, why do you get both their souls? Okay, the ability is called Children of the grave, but the ghost is called Child of the grave. Anyway, Lulu’s ghost doesn’t have a passive.

137) Leblanc’s ghost doesn’t have a passive. Even if she died when her passive had a 5s CD, or even if the ghost falls below 40% health after 70s (higher than the passive’s cooldown). Obviously, the passive probably wouldn’t have been able to be controlled anyway (Or who knows, at this point), but having these two ghosts would have been interesting.

138) Lissandra’s ghost has the visual effects for her passive, without having it listed among her buffs.

139) Malzahar’s ghost doesn’t have a passive. It doesn’t active, and isn’t shown as being on cooldown either. Video

140) Nasus’ ghost will have the life steal particles for every of his attacks, but won’t be healed. Video

141) Nidalee’s ghost doesn’t have her “On the Prowl” hidden passive, giving experience to lower-leveled allied nearby champions.

142) Nocturne’s ghost has a higher attack speed than the normal Nocturne. Same explanation as for Kog’maw.

143) A Quinn’s ghost won’t mark nearby enemies as vulnerable. Video

144) Shaco’s ghost has his passive, but not the passive from his E.

145) Funny: Shaco has a chance of turning into an invisible ghost if he ults right as the DoT is about to kill him. http://plays.tv/video/585f824c6d8f4c3f72 courtesy of /u/vitorhugods

146) A Sivir ghost doesn’t use her passive.

147) Sion’s ghost loses the stacks on his W.

148) Swain’s ghost doesn’t have a passive.

149) Teemo’s ghost doesn’t poison its targets. The other passives from abilities work fine, and are supposed to work. (Example: Vayne’s W). Screenshot (Look at the minion with the purple cloud over his head: he has no poison icon.)

150) The ghost of Teemo won’t turn invisible, nor will it gain the attack speed boost. Even if both Teemo and Mordekaiser stand still without being damaged.

151) Thresh’s ghost loses the souls of the “living” champion (quotation marks because… well… he isn’t that much alive to begin with. What does using the revenant of an undead resemble?).

152) A Trundle ghost doesn’t have a passive.

153) A Tryndamere ghost can stack Fury, but he does not seem to be able to crit off of that fury. Either that, or I am really, really unlucky, but since it happened two days before Critmas, I’ll go with the first option.

154) Twisted Fate’s ghost has no passive. E works fine.

155) The ghost of a Udyr will use his Bear Stance whichever stance he was using upon his death. The revenant will get the movement speed upon appearing.

156) The passive of the ghost of a Varus doesn’t work. You could argue that it’s because the ghost doesn’t actually kill things by himself since the kill credit is given to Mordekaiser… but a Tristana ghost can use the passive of her E without any problem.

157) Vayne’s ghost doesn’t have her movement speed passive (the Silver bolts work though). Video

158) The ghost of a Veigar loses the AP from the passive.

159) When the ghost of a Wukong activates his passive, he gains bonus armor and magic resist… and loses base armor and magic resist.

160) The passive of Xin Zhao’s W doesn’t work for the ghost.

161) Yorick’s ghost doesn’t have a passive.

162) Zed’s ghost doesn’t have the AD granted by the ultimate’s passive.

163) A Zilean ghost doesn’t have his passive.

  • Misc

164) Some values are missing on Mordekaiser’s champion page

165) Searching for the Iron Revenant in the client shop doesn’t bring up anything. However, typing “Master of Metal” will display Mordekaiser.



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