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MTG Arena Patch notes + Ban di Nexus of Fate

Come anticipato qualche giorno fa la patch di Febbraio è arrivata ieri sul server live di Magic Arena portando parecchie novità importanti.
Ma ieri è arrivato anche il primo Ban ufficiale dedicato solo a Magic Arena, infatti la carta Nexus of Fate è stata bannata nel formato best of 1.
La decisione è arrivata dopo una serie di polemiche e segnalazioni che spiegavano come questa carta fosse assolutamente frustrante per i giocatori e sebbene non fosse una della carte più forti del formato rendeva i match, soprattutto nelle best of one dove quasi nessuno aveva risposte main deck, molto noiosi.
La carta rimarrà valida per il formato best of 3 dove è sicuramente molto più gestibile avendo quasi tutti i mazzi delle carte ottime per counterarla/scartarla prima che diventi devastante.
Tutti coloro che possiedono una di queste carte riceveranno una Mitica wild card bonus, senza perdere comunque il Nexus of Fate che possiedono visto che rimane utilizzabile nel formato best of 3. Decisione probabilmente saggia anche se probabilmente bannarla del tutto avrebbe creato meno confusione nei giocatori.
Da segnalare l’evento Gratis per San Valentino dopo c’è la possibilità di vincere una Duress promo con il disegno originale, non perdetevela assolutamente! Vi basterà vincere un solo game di Singleton.

Vi lasciamo in calce le patch notes ufficiali:

Patch Highlights

  • Discord Integration
  • Deck Builder Improvements
  • “Resolve All” Button
  • Attack/Block with Stacked Creatures
  • Timer Improvements

Banned and Restricted Announcement

  • Nexus of Fate is now banned in Arena Standard (best-of-one) formats: Play, Ranked, and Constructed Event.
    • It is not banned in Traditional (best-of-three) formats.
    • Player’s currently in a Constructed event with a deck with Nexus of Fate will be allowed to finish their course with Nexus in their decks.
    • Known Issue: Players who enter a Traditional Constructed (best-of-three) event using a deck with Nexus of Fate will see an “Invalid Deck” warning. This is a visual bug, and players will still be able to play in the event with the selected deck.
    • Players who had Nexus of Fate as part of their collection prior to this announcement will receive one Mythic wildcard per Nexus of Fate in their collection.
      • There is no in-game notification of this happening, and will only be reflected in your total Mythic Rare wildcards.
    • Players may still redeem Mythic wildcards for Nexus of Fate, however, they will not receive additional Mythic wildcards if they choose to do so.
  • For more information, please refer to the February 14th, 2019 MTG Arena Banned and Restricted Announcement.

Introducing: Discord Integration

  • Discord Rich Presence is now supported.
  • You can now use Discord to invite others to play Magic: The Gathering Arena.
  • For more information, please refer to our Discord Challenge FAQ.

Direct Challenge

  • Direct Challenge now has additional challenge options. By default, it is set to best-of-one and coin flip.
  • You can now choose either best-of-one or best-of-three matches.
  • You can now choose who goes first in Direct Challenge games:
    • Best-of-One: The winner of the coin flip is on the play.
    • Best-of-Three: The winner of the coin flip gets to choose whether to play or draw.
  • Both players must specify compatible settings or the match will fail.

Special Event: Valentine’s Singleton Weekend

Entry Fee: None
Event Ends: 5 wins or 2 losses (whichever comes first)
Event Dates: February 14th – February 18th, 8AM PT (16:00 UTC).
Event Prizes:

  • 0 Wins: None
  • 1 Win: 1 alternate-art copy of Duress
  • 2 Wins: 1 alternate-art copy of Duress
  • 3 Wins: 1 alternate-art copy of Duress
  • 4 Wins: 1 alternate-art copy of Duress
  • 5 Wins: 1 alternate-art copy of Duress, 1 alternate-art copy of Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Known Issues: If you own less than four copies of a card that allows you to ignore the “four-of” rule (e.g. Rat Colony) you will not be able to add more than the number of owned copies to your deck.

Deck Builder

  • Decks will now have an assigned format. A deck can be played in any event as long as it is valid for the intended format.
    • For example, a Pauper deck that only contains Standard legal cards will still be considered a valid deck for any Standard event.
    • You can confirm and/or change a deck’s format by bringing up the “Deck Details” browser.
  • You can now sort your deck collection by format: Standard, Singleton, Pauper, and Other. Other will only be an option if you have a deck that does not fit one of the above categories.
  • The Deck Details browser has been updated. This includes improved visuals, updated information, and the ability to change a deck’s format.
  • The deck builder will now only display cards valid for the selected format. For example, if you set the deck’s format to “Singleton”, the card pool will only show a single pip for each card and you will only be able to select the card once even if you have more copies of that card in your collection (excepting cards that ignore the “four-of” rule, e.g. Persistent Petitioners).
    • Important Note: If a card is banned in Arena Standard that is not banned in other Standard formats (i.e. Nexus of Fate), you will need to set your deck format to Traditional Standard in order for it to be considered a valid card for the format.
  • When the multicolor filter is selected, it will now only show cards with the color identity of ALL selected colors.
    • General Rules Reminder: The color identity of a card is the color/s of any mana symbols in that card’s mana cost or rules text.
  • You can now create decks from the Play Blade when attempting to enter an event that requires one. The deck builder will automatically assign the deck format based on the event type.
  • New Feature: Crafting Mode. You can enable this feature by selecting the craft toggle located next to the other filters.
    • When ON, the deck builder shows all valid cards in your card pool whether collected or not.
    • When ON, clicking a card in your pool will try to craft it.
  • New Feature: Theory Crafting. You can now add cards to a deck that are not a part of your collection.
    • A “Craft All” button is available to craft everything in your deck you haven’t collected
  • The search field now supports advanced search syntax.
  • You can now toggle between a large and small card view allowing you to see more cards on screen at once.
  • General layout improvements for all aspect ratios.

Please Note: As part of this rebuild you can no longer use the deck builder to change your basic land art. For now, you can still import a decklist with the set code and number of the basic land art you want.


  • Added an “eyeball” indicator to cards that have been revealed to your opponent. As always, playing any card identical to a revealed card (same set, same art) will clear the opponent’s knowledge of that card. You don’t have to play the particular card revealed!
  • Auto-Tap is now smarter! It now applies more logic with how it consumes mana that is currently in your mana pool.
    • For example: You have three Forests, one of which is enchanted with Gift of Paradise (Tap: Add two mana of any one color), and you wish to cast two spells with converted mana cost 1R. If you add RRG to your mana pool and cast one of the 1R spells, it will always spend RG to cast it, leaving the additional R for the other 1R spell.
  • While Full Control is enabled, mana will be automatically spent from your pool after the lands are tapped (you will no longer have to manually click on the mana to spend it from your pool).
  • Updated the in-game browser for casting a card that has an alternate casting cost (e.g. Kicker, Spectacle, etc). The alternate casting option will now be labeled for additional clarification.
  • Combat damage is now automatically assigned after blockers are declared (as if you selected “Done” in the damage assignment browser without making any changes).
    • This is set to “On” by default. If you wish to manually assign damage, you can disable this feature in the gameplay options menu.
  • When animating combat damage, attackers will now “hit” the blockers in the correct blocking order.
  • When there are multiple items on the stack, there is now a “Resolve All” button that will resolve all the items on the stack.
    • Selecting the button again will stop resolving the stack and allow you to respond.
  • Selecting “Pass Turn” with items on the stack will now “Resolve All” for those items. You will still be prompted to take action if new items are added to the stack.
  • The “Choose X” browser has been updated for improved clarity. This includes the ability to +/- in increments of 5.
  • Token copies of double-faced cards will now only show the side of the card that was copied.
    • General Rules Reminder: If any card or token other than a double-faced card is instructed to transform, nothing happens. It won’t be turned face down.
  • There is now an additional warning dialogue to help prevent mistakenly selecting a target.
    • For example, if you target one of your own creatures with a destroy effect, you will now be asked to confirm the selection.
  • Triggers and spells on the stack will now resolve more quickly if they’ve already resolved that turn.
  • When attacking or blocking with a stack of tokens, you can click on the stack indicator (“x4”) to issue attack or block commands to the entire stack.
    • When declaring a stack of tokens as blockers against a stack of attackers, clicking on the top creature in the attacking stack declares all of the blockers on that creature, and clicking on the stack indicator of the attacking stack will declare the blockers 1:1 with the attackers.
  • Improved detection of what card is currently being hovered while in a browser.


  • The non-active player timer no longer resets between phases. This should significantly reduce the amount of time an opponent has to stall.
  • There is now a delay before your timer starts whenever you are prompted for a response.
  • Additional time is now added during the various combat phases for both players:
    • For the attacking player, bonus time is added in the Declare Attackers phase based on the number of eligible attacker or blockers.
    • For the blocking player, fixed time is added (if needed) in Begin Combat and Declare Attackers; time is added in Declare Blockers based on the number of attackers or blockers.
  • Slightly reduced general turn time for the active player to account for these additions.
  • Reduced inactivity timer to 120s. If you have not responded in this time, you will forfeit the game when your current timer expires.


  • Enabled “Smooth Shuffling” for the Play queue.
    • Important Note: This is for the “Play” queue only. It does not apply to Ranked Traditional Play, Traditional Ranked, or any other events and/or formats.

More Information on Smooth Shuffling: We are currently testing changes to the shuffler algorithm to decrease the number of games with extreme examples of “mana flood” or “mana screw” (drawing too many or too few lands). While players may still find themselves in these scenarios, the shuffler changes are intended to mitigate the rarest scenarios, such as drawing 8+ Land cards in a row. As noted above, we are only testing these changes in the “Play” queue, and it does not apply to any Ranked or Traditional formats. We are using this opportunity to gather more data and to fine tune these changes, as well as allow for player feedback. All shuffles are still randomly generated, The difference is we now look deeper into the decks to determine a pool of shuffles to randomly choose from. We are planning to iterate on this fairly rapidly. and will provide more information as these changes develop and solidify.

  • For all best of one play queues, we have increased the number of deck shuffles and starting hands we consider to three (up from two).
  • For all best of one play queues, we now apply the starting hand approach to mulligan hands as well.

More Information on Starting Hands: Our goal with this change is to ensure you’re still on “even shuffler ground” with your starting hand, even when you mulligan. As with the other shuffler change, we are using this opportunity to gather more data and to fine tune these changes, as well as gather player feedback.


  • Nexus of Fate has been removed from Core Set 2019 in-game store bundles and has been replaced with Omniscience.


  • A link to the current event calendar is now located on our Learn More page.
  • The ability to enable/disable Discord Integration has been added to the Account Settings page.

Bug Fixes

  • When a creature is being blocked by a stack of tokens and some additional creatures, the blocking order is properly represented (left-most is first to be damaged, right-most is last).
  • Fixed a bug where some players may have received duplicate individual card rewards (ICRs) at a higher than expected frequency.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Pass Turn” button could sometimes end up applying to the next turn if the server’s state was ahead of the player’s visual state.
  • Planeswalkers in a stack will now be sorted by the ones with activations left to the top of the stack so they can be activated properly
  • Fixed an issue where Wildcards were automatically redeemed when adding cards to a deck using the Search bar.
  • The deck image should no longer change when you remove a card from the deck.
  • Fight animations should now play properly.
  • Players will now correctly time-out if they do not choose an option when resolving Captive Audience’s upkeep trigger.
  • Animations and sound effects when adding counters should no longer play multiple times if only 1 counter was added.
  • Cry the Carnarium will now properly exile cards that were placed in the graveyard earlier in the turn prior to Cry the Carnarium being cast.
  • Bouncing and replaying a Nullhide Ferox will no longer cause the enter the battlefield animation to play multiple times (even though it was kind of funny to watch…)
  • The Adapt VFX should no longer continue to play if the card change zones before the VFX completed (even though this one was funny too…)
  • Angler Turtle should now always require the opponent’s creatures to attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the browser background did not always fill the screen.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause errors when an opponent paying for a spell or action caused you to have to make a Riot choice (for example, your opponent sacrifices a Deputy of Detention that is exiling a Riot creature as part of paying for Final Payment.)
  • Players should now be able to select a target for Gruul Beastmaster’s triggered ability when attacking with multiple Gruul Beastmasters and no other creatures
  • Fixed a bug where Gruesome Menagerie would not allow proper selections from the graveyard when the player had creatures of only one applicable CMC in their graveyard